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factory sale grp modular water tank for water treatment

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SMC water tank is a new type of tank. It is made of high qualified SMC panels. Sheet molding compound (SMC) is a kind of fiberglass reinforced plastic, which is a mixture of unsaturated polyester resin with impregnating augmentation material, filling material and glass fiber. 
SMC water tank is nontoxic, durable, lightweight, corrosion resistant and good-looking. Meanwhile, it’s easy to maintain and has a long service life.




1). Various Capacity Design

- Various size panels can use limited space for its best using way so can satisfy your needs.

2). Excellent Hygiene

- No corrosion from panels and prevent bacteria increasing by isolating outside light.

3). Water tightness

- The joints are sealed with special sealing tape especially developed for water tank.



4). Best Size Stability
  - Sectional GRP water tank panels size are changeless from the outside condition so easy to assembly

5). Intensity and Durability

- Glass fiber reinforced Panel is molded under condition of high temperature and pressure to maintain the best endurance. Since using stainless steel for inside structure and plated steel for outside, it shows best performance against erosion.

6). Heat insulation and Dewdrops Prevention

- The heat insulation panel with 3 layer structured improves heat insulation effect. Protects water from dewdrops and minimizes temperature variation of the stored water

7). Easy to Assembly and Moving


- Sectional panels make construction time shorter, standardization panels make easier to moving, carrying in and transfer.


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