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Panel type stainless steel water tank

2020/01/20 17:20
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 Stainless steel water tank features:
   1. The stainless steel material has stable physical and chemical properties, is hygienic and non-toxic, and has strong corrosion resistance. It is completely reflected in the sun to absorb heat, and the interior does not breed algae. The water quality is guaranteed at all times.
   2. The water tank has high strength, light weight, clean appearance, beautiful appearance and elegance.
   3, the surface is smooth and beautiful, easy to clean.
   4. Excellent corrosion resistance and good sealing performance.
   5. High impact resistance and strong seismic performance.
   6. Stainless steel water tank has the advantages of beautiful shape, light weight, low cost, long service life, simple installation and wide application.
   7. The stainless steel water tank is equipped with air filtration and inspection to clean the manhole to protect the water source from secondary pollution. It is an excellent international water storage equipment, and the stainless steel water tank is a good choice for living water tanks.