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GRP water tank manufacturer

2019/11/26 17:28
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Dezhou Success Tanks Co., Ltd is a professional GRP water tank manufacturer in China.
1.Shape: SMC: Sheet Molding Compound,fiberglass reinforced plastic. 
2.Connections: A comprehensive range of tank connections for site fitting.
3.Basic Material: Special unsaturated polyester resin
4.Reinforcing material: Fiberglass, glass fiber and glass mat.
5.Auxiliary Material:Gel coat resin, firming agent,accelerating agent and abrasive material.
6.Panels are designed using computer aided design technology and suitable for temperatures of 50°C and humid condition of up to 31°C saturated. Mixture of Unsaturated Polyester Resin, glass-fiber, filler, mold release agent, catalyst, etc. are pressed by hydraulic press machine under high temperature and assembled with bolts and reinforcement materials at the job site.
7.The water contained in the water tank meets the national water quality standard - "The Water Standard for Domestic Living"(GB5749-85)
8.Capacity or Measure or size: 1-5000m3, SMC sectional Tanks can be assembled to various capacities from 1000 liters to 1 million liters by selecting the desired length and width from 1m to 20m, and height from 1m to 5m. Panel size including 2x1m, 1.5x1m, 1x1m, 1x0.5m, 0.5x0.5m.
9.Color: White,Silver, Blue or Others
10. Packing: customized (according to the purchasing amount for space saving purpose)