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Main features of GRP panel water tank

2019/09/28 11:12
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Main features of GRP panel water tank


1 Super Hygienic
In compliance with WRAS (Water Regulation Advisory Scheme) making with the quality of material which is hygienic passes a taste, a smell and a poisonous etc.5 kind test being a water tank, was verified.


2 Free capacity can be designed
Various sized panels can make the below tanks that utilize the most horizontal and perpendicular space and also can be erected from small capacity tank to huge tank.

Tank capcity can be from 0.25M3 up to a maximum of 5,000M3


3 Safety of Bottom Panel for Water Pressure
The convex panel can be the water pressure created by filling the tank seals the joint preventing leakage.
In other type tanks, water pressure can loosen the joint breaking the seal and allowing the stored water leak out.


4 Prevents Leakage
The joint are sealed with a special sealing tape.
It maintains soft itself and adhesives even at low temperature.


5 Complete Drainage
The convex bottoms with a concave drain panel system make sure complete and fast drainage.