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Steel fire fighting water tank exported to singapore

2019/05/07 08:57
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what is pressed steel tank? Galvanized pressed steel water tank is also called steel sectional water tank ,1.22mx1.22m steel panel water tank , pressed steel sectional water tank , galvanised water tank, pressed steel water tank, rectangular steel water tank ,galvanized steel water storage tanks. also steel sectional fire fighting water tank is  a new  new types of water tank. It is made of hydraulically pressed panels. 

We have many galvanized & metal steel water tanks for sale.every year we sold 6million pieces of steel sectional water tank panels  such as panel water storage tank, mild steel water tank and panels , steel potable water storage tanks, stainless steel drinking water tanks, corrugated steel  water storage tanks, especially, fire fighting steel water tank. Many our customers use the pressed steel tank, because of tank panel that is lightweight and easy to install.

We give a reasonable price according to the customer's needs, especially, fire fighting steel water tank