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Fire fighting galvanized steel water tank

2019/03/22 17:23
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Dezhou Success Tanks Co.,Ltd is a professional water tank supplier from China. We supply hot dip galvanized water tank, grp water tank, and stainless steel water tank worldwide.

Galvanized Steel Water Tank is punched by Q235A into 1220mm*1220mm or 1000mm*1000mm and 1000mm*500mm, 500mm*500mm standard plates, drilled around, after HDG treatment, and assembled at site. When combined, the gap between two standard plates is sealed by silicon pad, and connected by bolts.

Water capacity varies from 1.0 cubic meter to 1000 cubic meters, height may reach as great as 5 meters. 

Inflow, outflow tubes as well as return tube's diameter and place is decided by the designer, passages of at least 7000mm is needed around the tank.

Hot dipped galvanized steel water tank is anti-corrosion, anti-aging, no distorsion, no infiltration and leakage. Tank is easy to clean and conveniently to install and assemble. It can storage not only hot water, but also cold water, and has a better shockproof and shock resistant ability. It can be used for fire fighting and agriculture.